Fellini Medal /
Delmiro de Caralt Prize

Mme. Irina BOKOVA

Fellini Medal /
Delmiro de Caralt Prize

Every year since 1999 ICFT / CICT has offered to UNICA a UNESCO Fellini Medal to be awarded to a work witnessing to the values of tolerance and peace fostered by UNESCO.

The ICFT / CICT International Prize, that was named the Delmiro de Caralt* Prize in 2008 when UNESCO celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ICFT, is awarded by the jury panel for the UNICA Film Competition in charge of evaluating some 120 to 140 films submitted by about 40 countries.

Delmiro de Caralt (1901-1990), non-professional filmmaker from Catalonia,  founder of the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya; also one of the founding fathers of UNICA  in 1931.  He has been the representative of the Spanish federation at UNICA; up to 1973 and created in 1972 the eponymous Foundation, that was later merged with the De Caralt Library (including the Film Library and Museum.)

Mme. Irina BOKOVA, Director-General of UNESCO

UNESCO likes film making and supports the UNICA Festival. The Prize awarded by the International Council for Film, Television and Audio-visual Communication is an encouragement for the promotion of Peace on large screens.

I am willing to foster any possibility of working together to develop cinema making as a medium to promote mutual understanding and progress.

I wish you all the best for the UNICA Festival that contributes so well for the development of film-making for the sake of Peace.

(Excerpt from an address to the participants at UNICA 2012 in Rousse, Bulgaria)


UNICA 1999
Lappeenranta (Finland):
Terre et vie des Kollas
Cine-Video Flash

(Luxembourg) 25minutes

UNICA 2000
Roermond (Netherlands):
Tony Jacobs & Anton Klee
(Belgium) 8 minutes

UNICA 2001
Tallinn (Estonia):
Designer Babies
Ian Gaffney
(Great Britain) 8 minutes

UNICA 2002
Bocca di Rosa
Ricardo Marchesini
(Italy) 29 minutes

UNICA 2003
Varsovie (Poland):
Ha azisten ugy akarja
Laszlo Petke
(Hungary) 16 minutes

UNICA 2004
Veitschöchheim (Germany):
Jesus de Longchamps
Eduardo Deauto
(Argentinia) 19 minutes

UNICA 2005
Blankenberge (Belgium):
Anouar Lahouar
(Tunisia) 13minutes

UNICA 2006
Gyeongju (South Korea):
Susanne Sturzenegger
(Switzerland) 13minutes

UNICA 2007
Liptovsky Mikulas(Slovakia):
Side by Side
Terry & Debbie Mendoza
(Great Britain) 14 minutes

UNICA 2008
Hammamet (Tunisia):
Brücken bauen
Bernhard Hausberger
(Austria) 24 minutes

UNICA 2009
Gdansk (Poland):
Michal Stenzel et Anna Kasperska
(Poland) 16 minutes

UNICA 2010
Einsiedeln (Switzerland)
La cour des grands
Khmais Hmaid
(Tunisia) 4 minutes

UNICA 2011
Vonder Welt vergessen
Doris Dvorak
(Austria) 24 minutes

UNICA 2012
Roussee (Bulgaria):
Cette obscure tentation
Renaud Ducoing
(France) 26 minutes

UNICA 2013
Fieberbrunn (Austria):
Marcus Siebler
(Germany) 18 minutes

UNICA 2014
Piešťany (Slovakia):
Le mur
Szabó Simon
(Hungary) 11 minutes

UNICA 2015
St. Petersbourg (Russia):
Khalifa Ben Fares
(Tunisia) 10 minutes

UNICA 2016
Suceava (Romania):
100 Years After
Petre Chapovski
(Macedonia) 17 minutes

UNICA 2017
Dortmund (Germany)
​Orchestra Rehearsal
Nini Dumbadze
(Georgia) 8 minutes

UNICA 2018
Blansko (Czech Republic)
I have to save the World a Little
Peppe Andersson
(Sweden) 15 minutes

UNICA 2019
Zeist (Netherlands):
Home of new hopes
Dieter Amsler
(Switzerland) 16 minutes

UNICA 2020
Birmingham (UK)

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