How UNICA Patronage works
for authors and festivals


UNICA may grant patronage to an international film and video festival that conforms with the following rules:

  1. The application for patronage is addressed to the Secretariat of UNICA, accompanied by the festival rules and a copy of the entry form.The organiser informs his national federation by means of a copy of the letter of application.

    (Organisers not being a member of a national federation or in a country not being affiliated to UNICA, address the application to the Secretariat of UNICA only.)

  2. All documents of the festival must include the formulation "under the patronage of UNICA" and the logo of UNICA. Copies should be sent to the Secretariat of UNICA.

  3. A list of jury members, a film catalogue and a list of the prize-winners have to be sent to the Secretariat of UNICA.

  4. The festival must be accessible to all non-commercial films.

  5. A classification per nation is not allowed.

  6. No copies -partial or total- of a film or video work, nor the diffusion of a production on TV, may be made without written authorisation of the author.

  7. The organiser should invite, if possible, a delegate of UNICA to the jury. In any case UNICA is entitled to send a representative.

  8. UNICA bestows a special prize for each festival under the patronage of UNICA to the film or video production promoting solidarity between the nations, or using new forms of expression.

  9. For each festival a patronage fee of EUR 70 is imposed. The amount has to be transferred to the account of UNICA.

  10. The patronage may be renewed upon written request.


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