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UNICA Film Festival



For many years member National Organisations have received DVDs of UNICA programmes, including films, which are not available online. That means, that most films can be borrowed from the National Organisations. (National Organisations list)

Older films are stored in the Lichtspiel Archive in Bern. These films may be borrowed by National Organisations.  Request them via Thomas Kräuchi.

If acetate films are requested, a flat fee of 25 SWF has to be paid for the digitalized copy. If the original film is requested the postal charges have to be met.

Friends of UNICA may request films via Tatiana Alahverdzhieva.

The films are described in the catalogue, which is available on CD and in the website www.archiv.rcm.ch

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PDF V  PALMARES UNICA 2019 Zeist          (1 page version)

PDF V  PALMARES UNICA 2019 Zeist    (2xA4 page version)


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