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The committee usually meets three times a year: once during the UNICA Congress, once hosted by a committee member and once at the venue for the next UNICA Festival. Elections are held every third UNICA Congress. Decisions of the committee are mainly subject to approval by the next General Assembly. 

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Dave Watterson
(United Kingdom)

Three years ago I warned, that I have always been a big, clumsy person. My memory is sometimes slower than I would like. I will make mistakes. But I will admit to them, apologise and try to put matters right. I can talk seriously to officials one moment, and feed ice cream to a 4 year-old on my shoulder the next. None of that has changed.

But trying to lead this organisation has made me older, more tired and sometimes depressed. The effort to achieve compromise can be exhausting.

But it is worth trying.

  • Our fundamental purpose is as valuable now, as it was when UNICA was established.

  • We must embrace fresh thinking and keep making reasonable changes.

  • Our film competition is important, but not the prime purpose of the UNICA. Our gatherings are called Congress not Festival. They are about bringing people from different nations and cultures together. We use our shared love of making and watching films as the basis for mutual understanding and friendship.

  • I still believe, that our goal is nothing less than a small step towards world peace.

This year we lose three valued and admired committee members. We will not lose their invaluable experience, because their advice will always be available on request.

The newly elected team should examine every aspect of what UNICA does and what it could do. I do not expect drastic changes, but a raft of modest improvements and a new hope.

Who am I to hope to lead such a team?

Born in Edinburgh and now living in South West England, I am an unlikely candidate for president.

I do not make films fit for competition, but I am an enthusiast. I have watched masses of amateur and professional film all my adult life. As a juror I have worked for festivals in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. I also judge films at local clubs and give talks about film making.

For a decade I was General Secretary of the British organisation for film appreciation clubs. I served on the Council of IAC, the British federation as Treasurer and Webmaster. I have also been webmaster for the American Motion Picture Society and am webmaster for UNICA.

After gaining an M.A. Honours in English from Edinburgh University and a Diploma in Education from Aberdeen University I started work as a school teacher. Since then I have been a freelance author, general secretary of a national volunteer group and company secretary and technical author in the world of I.T.


As in 2015, the only pledge I can make, is that, if you elect me, I will do my best.

Dave Watterson


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