young unica workshop

YUW team in Zeist (The Netherlands) 2019

Are you an ambitious young filmmaker (age 18 - 25) who does not produce films professionally, nor studies full time at a film school?

Then YOU might be invited to participate in an international film workshop during a UNICA Festival. A week where young directors from around 20 countries collaborate in an international context, with experienced filmmakers (sometimes a professional) as your coach. In groups you make short films that are screened at the end of the festival week.

If the host country can get enough funding/sponsors, they can offer affordable (or free) accommodation (youth hostel) with breakfast near the event, for one young author per country, who takes part in the UNICA competition with his/her film.  

How can you participate in such a YOUNG UNICA WORKSHOP?

Make sure you send in your film(s) to compete in a festival organized by your own countries National Organization for non-commercial (amateur) film! They are the ones that give out the invitations!

Maybe see you at the next UNICA (Birmingham 2020 or Poland 2021)!

Keep checking this website!

End of the year all info about the next YUW will be published!

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