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We'd like to remind you that launching the  videos will send some data to YouTube, Vimeo or other video servers.

Wir möchten Sie daran erinnern, dass der Start der Videos einige Daten an YouTube, Vimeo oder andere Videoserver sendet.

Nous vous rappelons que le lancement des vidéos enverra des données à YouTube, Vimeo ou d'autres serveurs vidéo.

Your UNICA 2019 movie in this theatre?

Send either the Vimeo or the Youtube link to

Ihren UNICA 2019-Film in diesem Kino zeigen? Senden Sie entweder den Vimeo- oder den Youtube-Link an

Votre film UNICA 2019 dans cette salle?

Envoyez soit le lien Vimeo, soit le lien Youtube à l'adresse

Het Leven volgens Jean-Paul.    T.Bunink, D.Alberts, M.Rogaar, A.Vijfhuize, J.vdTuuK, J.Groen, M.Leijen Category YU : BRONZE MEDAL       (The Netherlands)

Schaduwspel  Else van Laere, Gerard de Boer, Marijke Meeuws, Emile de Gruiter

                                         (The Netherlands)


Elisa Pietrangelo, Vito Labalestra


The Means of water

Lukas Grevis


Hammer it all

Tobias Steiner

Catgory YU                                        (Austria)

LEGO - The Robbery

Thomas Speckhofer

Category YU:   GOLD MEDAL

Special Prize:  BEST JEUNESSE FILM   (Austria)

Plum Jam

Martin Valenta


Face Off

Kristina Bajanikovavá

Category YU                                     (Slovakia)


Matej Kováč

Category YU                                    (Slovakia)

Koalica and Cat

Ana Andonova


The Park Bench

Øyvind Olav Sydow Kleiveland


You Never Know (English version)

Terje Idsø


One Shot One King

Harald Lundstein


The Urban Bever

Harald Lundstein


Our Motorhome

Hilde Falkanger



Jacub Slabek


Furious Loneliness

Daniel Zagórski



Rees Yuurmaa

Category YU: Diploma of Honour         (Estonie)

Like a Bullet

Howard Smith

                                           (United Kingdom)

Girl A

Jess O'Brien

Category YU: Diploma of Honour               (UK)

Bobby Goodchild

Elysa Donnely

Category YU                         (United Kingdom)


Richard Scarsbrook

                                           (United Kingdom)

Here Lies Adelia Hughes

Eleanor Smith

Category YU: BRONZE MEDAL                  (UK)

Highly Likely

Bob Lorrimer

                                           (United Kingdom)

Boat Fiction

Joona Poikonen


She and Me

Jacques Dufossé


Father's Day

Didier Trocq

BRONZE MEDAL                                 (France)

We Swim

Rahel Jung, Georgia Bauer

Category YU                                   (Germany)


Ida Ralevská

Category FS:  BRONZE MEDAL (Czech Republic)


Martin Bohadlo

                                            (Czech Republic)


Daniel Dandul

                                            (Czech Republic)

Alone in New York

Jonathan Wilmhelmsson


My Home

Ibrahim Agri, Alicia Lundahl

Category YU                                     (Sweden)

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